Welcome to the Belchertown State School Friends Association!

Today we launched our first ever membership drive which also happens to be our first ever fundraiser.

Some of you may be asking, what exactly are you raising funds for? That's a great question and it has a very exciting answer.

Over the summer, the Belchertown State School Friends Association was revived in the spirit of the original Friends that was founded by Dr. Ben Ricci who wanted to create a positive state school legacy by providing the best possible life for the residents. Though the school is now closed, the new Friends wish to continue Ricci's work.

To do that, we are working with the Belchertown Cultural Alliance to save what we call "Berkshire Row". The row includes: 6 Berkshire Avenue, formerly known as Ward F, which is now the home to Great Threads Embroidery; 8 Berkshire or E Ward; and the administration building.

What does that mean? It means that our two nonprofits are working together to bring these three buildings into the 21st century by updating them and renovating them while preserving their place in state school history. While the projects are still very much in the development phase, the foundation of any capital improvement project like this is solid membership, support, and fundraising.

What do you get from being a member? For now, you get the satisfation of being the first to tell the community that you believe these buildings deserve to be preserved and given new life. In the future, your membership will come with perks such as early invitations to events, access to private events, and discounted prices for larger events. If that isn't enough, there will be SWAG! You'll have the opportunity to be the first to own exclusive merch including books, mugs, shirts, and more.

But we all know that preservation isn't about the perks-- it's about the love of old buildings and the desire to see these buildings remain standing for generations to come. So please consider joining us or, if you're not local or not looking to become a member, consider simply hitting that "DONATE" button at the bottom of our membership page. Every donation, no matter how small, pushes us closer to our goal!

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