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View the Don LaBrecque collection of video interviews, campus tours, and collected oral histories. For research requests, reach out to the Friends directly.

The Muddy Ground of Fences that Kept Me

A documentary created by Nora Dyer Murphy and Ori Sussman with Daniel Thompson.

The Campus

Taken by Don LaBrecque, this campus tour was recorded in the late 1980s.

They Need Love, They Get Angry, They Bleed.

1972 WTIC Hartford, CT  News Documentary of Belchertown State School

News Closing

The closing of the state school was a very public event, recorded here with commentary from Dr. Ben Ricci, author of Crimes Against Humanity, a history of the Ricci v. Greenblatt lawsuit, and the 1974 Consent Decree.

Closing Ceremonies

Belchertown State School closed officially in 1992. The closing ceremonies were recorded and are held in the Don LaBrecque collection.

5 years later Reunion

A staff reunion recorded five years after the closing of Belchertown State School.

Belchertown State School Redux

A walking tour of the abandoned Belchertown State School campus.

Belchertown State School Administration

A walking tour of the Belchertown State School Administration Building taken in preparation for redevelopment in 2019.

Belchertown State School Excerpt

A walking tour of the abandoned Belchertown State School campus.

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