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Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)


Though the physical documents may look different from state to state, the premise of an Individualized Education Plan and what it means for you in the classroom remains the same regardless of what school you work in. Learning how to read, interpret, and apply the sections of the IEP is one of the most important areas of focus.

The Sections of the IEP

What am I responsible for?


Student & Team Vision

With input from the team and the student, this section is about what the student wants to learn and accomplish over the IEP period.


Present Levels: Academics

This section is all about strengths, even if the student doesn't have academic goals. 


Present Levels: Communication

Some students have unique communication needs that are addressed in this section including augmentative and alternative communication.


Postsecondary Transition Planning

This section is dedicated to mapping out a student's transition plan once they turn 14 and includes education, employment, and independent living plans as well as a course of study.


State/District Wide Assessment

Students are required to participate in standardrized assessments in one way or another. This section details how each student participates and what accommodations are necessary.


Service Delivery Grid

All time spent addressing academic and related service goals (excluding Extended School Year services) are noted on the grid.


Additional Information

Any and all additional information that does not exist elsewhere on the IEP but needs to be included in order to best serve a student's needs are included here.


Student Profile

An overview of the student and their needs is detailed in this section.


Present Levels: Behavioral/Social/Emotional

Regardless of disability, a student's social emotional functioing has an impact in the classroom. This section also contains the bullying statement.


Present Levels: Additional

This addendum area allows you to document any other areas that might impact a student's performance in the general education classroom.


Accommodations & Modifications

This grid area allows you to detail all the accommodations and modifications needed for the student to make progress in the general education classroom.


Measurable Annual Goals

All academic and related service goals are addressed in this section, providing the overarching goal as well as the objectives to be met over the IEP period.



Special transportation details are noted in this section including accommodations needed for a student to safely access transportation.

Inclusion is not a strategy to help people fit into the systems and structures which exist in our societies; it is about transforming those systems and structures to make it better for everyone. 

Diane Richler

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